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  • ABOUT YAKULT Yakult stands for an advanced shower concept,undertakes to provide optimal shower terminals for users and have initiated the new concept of "Green Environment Protection and Green Enjoyment".If you use the products exactly this company will provide 5 years,quality assurance from the date of purchase for the sake of reputations of products and rights and benefits of users. High Quality :10*10cm Brass Shower Floor Drain Product Description : Easy to keep clean and maintain,Easily replace your existing grate without costly repairs. Size :10cm x 10cm Brass material :meets industry standards and certification for commercial, home, bar etc. use. Style:Modern design Deodorant Important: anti-clogging , pest control. Package Including: 1 x floor drain
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  • About SR SUN RISE:Create your personal hydrotherapy shower.Large or extra large; fitted flush to the ceiling or wall mounted; Yakult showers head come in all shapes, styles and sizes.A gentle Rain spray for a body scrub, a focussed jet spray to help relax tense muscles. With Yakult showers head the choice is at your fingertips. Materials: High quality brass is a great material to produce our shower head. It can resist scratches, corrosion and tarnishing Installation: Easy to install, 100% DIY. Tools not needed; Water Usage: As saving water is always a goal of homeowner, Our product(s) weras manufactured with that in mind. Keep the Flow rate 2.0 GPM is opportune.
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  • SR SUN RISE LED Bathroom Sink Faucet. No need any battery or electronic connection. There is a micro-generator inside the faucet which produces electricity through water flowing. The LED faucet can change color with different water temperature automatically when water flows, so we can judge the water temperature by the color. LED turns Blue when temperature 25 .LED turns Green when temperature ranges from 25-40. LED turns Red when temperature beyond 40. The faucet is with long life time because of superior ceramic cartridge. Product Details: Shape: Square Style: Modern Color: Bright Chrome Material: Brass body, Zinc alloy handle Surface treatment: Chrome plated finish Connector: G1/2connector Product Weight:1800g Package Including: 1x 1 chrome LED faucet 1x 2 50cm 304 Stainless Steel hose After Sales: We do take full responsibility for our LORDEAR Branded products Should you encounter any difficulties with our products feel free to contact us immediately.
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  • Single Handle: This type of faucet utilizes a single lever to control the temperature and flow of the water. Many of todays modern designs utilize this type of faucet, including bar and kitchen faucets as well. It can be on top of the spout itself and can sometimes be installed separately next to the faucet, but most often is on the right-hand side of the faucet. Installation: ALWAYS make sure you know how to switch the water off to your kitchen faucet. For most homes this can be done simply by turning a lever under the sink, but make sure you turn both hot and cold off. Water Usage: We use technology that helps to make sure pressure is not lost but keeps the amount of water you use to a minimum. Features: Shape: Swivel 360 Degrees; Color: Silver-white; Materials: Brass; Finish: Chrome; Flow Rate:1.8 GPM; Connector:1/2 IPS connector fits most hoses; Weight:5.75 Pounds. Package Including: 1x 1 Brass kitchen sink faucet,1/2 IPS connector. After Sales: If you encounter any difficulties with our products feel ...
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I am extremely disappointed, The drills I received are in great shape the chargers look good, but I haven't been able to test yet. Unfortunately the product that I got was opened before. The box was poorly tapped back together and I am missing my favorite part the BELT CLIPS AND SCREWES . How can you fix this for me???
Excellent seller and great product! Thank you!
Richard Knowles
The drill part is mess up. So I'm sending it back to get fix
V. Ong
I wish they would make the charger multi-voltage. Almost everything is. I blew mine the first day when i plug'd it on 220v. Aside from that.... works!
Dennis Timmons
Both seem to be great quality
David Regan Jr.
Awesome tools
Julien Biver
Good tools for people who like versatile tasks. Highly recommend !
D. Brudi
It was pretty, but I had to send it back because it was too big for my bathtub.
Build quality is very good. Feels heavy and is solid made from brass. The tip is self cleaning so there is no build up from hard water.
L. Carlson
Great handheld shower for tub. Has narrow spray pattern with perfect amount of pressure.